What is The Best Dog Food In The Market?

Dog Food in The Market

Diet plays a significant function in maintaining your pet’s health. Healthy dog food always keeps your dog active and enthusiastic. What exactly does healthy dog food mean? Healthy dog food is nothing but food rich in vitamin content.

Today, you will get several types of natural dog foods available in the stores. However, always prefer homemade food for your dog. In a real sense, these foods are healthy and provide required vitamin content. Homemade foods are not only good but also cheap.

The biggest advantage to feed your dog with a homemade recipe is, you exactly know what needed, proportion and hygiene. Some people may think homemade recipes are hectic to prepare. However, they are not.

You need to the right methods of cooking, read dog magazines and web articles for better understanding. Once you understand the method to follow, nothing is difficult. Of course, this is not a tonight process and develops gradually.

Another advantage of these foods is you don’t need extra ingredients, and you can bring in use products readily available within your kitchen.

Dry dog food

Dry dog food contains 6-10% moisture by volume. This is considered as most inexpensive and economical pet food. As it has low water content can be stored for a long duration.

This is a popular food don not need to be refrigerated. You can mix this food into other food to make a complete food. This is considered as safe but may be difficult for dogs suffering from the bone problem or chewing problem.

Wet dog food

Wet dog food contains 60-90% moisture by volume. This is made by canning process which does not require added preservatives. This has a longer life but can be risky if stored for a long duration.

Raw dog food

Raw is the most favorite type of dog food; this is a rich source of animal protein and minerals from a natural source. Raw food is a rich source of nutrients and dog love to eat them. These require storage and not easy for handling.

Raw dog food is considered as unsafe because they can cause bacterial infection from E. Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, Listeria, and toxoplasmosis in human and not in pets

Frozen or freeze-dried Dog Food

Freeze dried dog food is unprocessed or processed food frozen at cold temperatures for a long duration. This may contain preservatives. This is a good source of all nutrients. This has the highest shelf life, but it has bacterial contamination during the defrosting process.


The mixer is not considered as complete pet food. The main purpose of mixer food to complement other food products and can be added to any pet food. This is beneficial for dogs with an allergic issue and weight problems.

Semi-moist dog food

Semi-moist contains 25-30% moisture by volume. This is the best alternative for dry dog food. These are also considered as healthy and nutritious foods, but the problem is preservatives are added to it.

Dog treats

Dog treat is not part of dog food; it is used to appreciate dog for good behavior and to reward the dog during training sessions. It does not meet the nutritional requirement but may have a rich source of specific nutrients only.

Homemade dog food

Homemade foods are cooked at home. This requires special efforts and time to cook meat chicken, vegetables, etc. There are several recipes available for the homemade.