Most Common Health Problems in Dogs

Common Health Problems in Dogs

Life with a dog can be fun and exciting. There are times when this excitement can take a turn in the wrong direction. This is when your dog gets sick. There will be times in your dog’s life that he will become ill.

It is for this reason that it is important that you are aware of some of the common health problems in dogs.

Six most common problems in dogs

1. Dental Disease

Because dogs can’t brush their teeth, the most common type of dental disease is periodontitis. Initial symptoms are bad breath, usually followed by bleeding gums. At this stage, it can be treated fairly quickly by your vet.

However, if left, it can lead to tooth loss, mouth ulcers, gum recession and because by this time your animal will find it painful to eat, poor appetite and loss of weight.

2. Ear Infections

It is important to check your dog’s ears regularly once or twice a week, as ear infections are another common health problem in dogs. Look for any inflammation, discharge or constant scratching.

Infections can be caused by ear mites, bacteria, food allergies or bad hygiene and need to be treated as quickly as possibly by your vet.

3. Skin allergies

Skin allergies can often be a health problem in dogs and may be caused by fleas, food, sniffing up dust or pollen, or lying on certain garden plants. Their skin will get itchy and red, and swelling can occur, but this will probably be because your dog has been scratching or chewing at the spot.

Fleas can and should be treated with a good flea product; other allergies could be caused by certain dog foods. You can try cutting out processed meat or changing his kibble.

If this doesn’t work, your vet should be able to do some blood tests, or otherwise, advise you.

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4. Heart worms

Heart worm is one of the most well-known health problems that a dog may have. Mosquitoes are the culprit that can cause your furry four legged friends to get heart worm. There is a greater risk of getting heart worm for dogs that spend time outdoors. It is not unheard of for an indoor dog to get heart worm.

When it comes to heart worm, the most important word is one of prevention. Treating heart worm in a dog can be very expensive. It is for this reason that vets concentrate on heart worm prevention.

There are few different preventatives that are used. Many are oral pills that the dog will take daily or monthly.

5. Diarrhea

This can be a common health problem for those dogs who like eating and are not fussy about what they put in their mouths. Usually, a sign of an upset tummy caused by eating something they shouldn’t have, or possibly they have worms or suffer anxiety.

Try cutting out their food for a day, and only give them water. The next day gives them a smaller meal than usual, or perhaps something bland that you have cooked yourself. If he is still suffering from diarrhea, then it would be time to see the vet.

6. Eye infections

Another fairly common health problem in dogs can be eye infections. Warning signs that your dog has an eye infection can include a discharge which is often thick and discolored; their eyes may be bloodshot and possibly swollen.

They will probably need antibiotic treatment from your vet, especially if they get conjunctivitis, which is extremely contagious. To avoid infections, keep your dog’s eyes clean by wiping away the normal discharge on a daily basis.

In summary, these are some of the common health problems that a dog may experience, and most can be avoided by just being aware of what the symptoms are and what causes them.